Some Bus Routes to Resume as of Sept 28

2023-10-16 09:39

It is learned from Chongming District Ecological Transportation Group that recently, the construction of Linfeng Road and Caogang Road has been completed, and the Nandong Special Line, Baosheng Special Line, Nanfeng Line, and Nanbao Branch Line will be restored to their original direction. Please kindly inform each other and plan your travels accordingly.


Starting Date: September 28, 2023


Lines Concerned: Nandong Special Line, Baosheng Special Line, Nanfeng Special Line, and Nanbao Branch Line


Time of the First and Last Buses

Nandong Special Line:

Nanmen Bus Station: 04:55-19:15

Qianwei Village: 05:00-19:30


Baosheng Special Line:

Baozhen Bus Station: 05:55-19:00

Changjiang Farm (Terminal): 05:55-19:00

Qianwei Village: 07:50-16:30


Nanfeng Line:

Nanmen Land and Water Transfer Center: 05:00-18:20

Dongfeng New Village: 05:50-19:10


Nanbao Branch Line

Nanmen Land and Water Transfer Center: 05:05-19:00

Baozhen Bus Station: 05:05-19:00


Stations Concerned

1. Nandong Special Line and Baosheng Special Line

Restore 5 stops in both directions at Sanmin Cultural Village, Liangguo, and Qianwei Village


2. Nanfeng Line

Restore 5 stops in both directions at Liangzhongchang, Jianken Road, and Jianken Village


3. Nanbao Branch Line

a. Restore 3 stops at Fumin Street (in both directions) and Daxin Intersection (in the down direction only)

b. Cancel stops at Daxin Town (in the up direction on Qianshu Road and the down direction on Xiangchun Road) and Shuxin Health Center in both directions)