The plum blossom season begins! Here is "plum appreciation bible" in chongming

2023-02-17 09:14

For Plum Appreciation, Chongming Should Be Recommended


All Sorts of Flowers Bloom in Advance

To Usher Spring First in the World


Plum Blossom


When spring comes back to China, the beautiful scenery should not be missed

The faint fragrance is far away and it has come slowly

Plum blossom in various scenic spots in Chongming

have gradually entered a good time

If you like to appreciate plum

Come to admire the beauty of plum blossom!


Changxing Island Country Park


The "Plum Garden" in the park is a flower island on the water, 

where more than 1,000 plum trees of different varieties have been planted.

At this time, the plum blossom in the garden is in full bloom and refreshing.

There is not only red plum, but also wintersweet and green plum,

Several colors echo each other,

Take a photo casually, and you can capture the spring scenery

Warm tip: the best viewing period is in the middle of February


Address: No.199, Qiugan Road, east of Fenghuang Highway, Changxing Island, Chongming District

Tel: 021-31773086


Gaojiazhuang Ecological Orchard


Thousands of wintersweet trees in the park are quietly in full bloom.

The branches are covered with wintersweet, as bright as shining stars

A touch of elegance is added in the drizzle.

The flowering period of wintersweet will last until the end of February,

The red plum trees in the park are also competing to open,

At this time, you can enjoy two kinds of plum flowers in the garden.

Take your friends and relatives with you,

And feel the fragrance of this early spring together.


Address: No.999, Gangdong Road, Gangxi Town, Chongming District

Tel: 021-59670788


Dongping National Forest Park


The park is equipped with stone steps, plum stakes and plum bonsai,

Sparse forest lawn, inlaid grass stone steps, plum pavilion,

Rockery, area for recreation and other landscapes,

Every place makes people stop and linger.

Plum blossoms are fragrant. How can you not love them?


Address: No. 2188, Beiyan Highway, Chongming District

Tel: 021-59338028



Along Dongping on Beiyan Highway


The plum blossoms here are open in the cold,

Stacked in two and three, presenting a lively scene.

Red, white and pink, they are different in color.

The white and pink flowers are calm and cool,

They also bring charming fragrance.

Many citizens came for a leisurely walk,

And everyone's smiling faces are particularly bright against the background of plum blossoms.


Address: Pingyue Road near the old Beiyan Road, Shuangyong Park (Dongping Airport), Plum Corridor (Qianjin Driving School), Plum Corridor (Villa Community on Qianchai Road)


West Bank Oxygen Bar


In the lush, there are several clusters of plum blossoms,

In this natural place covered by plants,

Breathe in oxygen and enjoy the beautiful scenery unique to this season,

This should be what early spring should look like!


Address: No. 1438, Miaonan Village, Miaozhen Town, Chongming District

Tel: 021-59365178


Xincheng Park


The red plum blossom are competing to bloom in the garden,

It is mainly concentrated on the north side of Dinglan Road to the south of Xincheng Park

On the lawns on both sides of the north square,

red plums dot the green trees,

becoming a different scenery.


Address: 170 meters south of Chongming Avenue, Chongming District (near Jiangfan Road)


Yingzhou Park


The red plum in the park is scattered on the south side of the Chenhu Lake,

on the southwest corner of the lawn and the soil slope.

On Nishan Hill and in Baicao Garden,

in front of the north gate of Yingzhou Park, there are wintersweets.

Red, yellow, pink and white add radiance to each other,

this is the romantic atmosphere of this season.


Address: No. 679, Aoshan Road, Chengqiao Town, Chongming District.



Baozhen Citizen Park


The red plum trees in the park mainly stand in

the south of the lakeside veranda and the north entrance of the park.

When smelling the long fragrance of plum flowers along the road,

Breathing the fresh air in the park,

You will start a slow life.


Address: No. 280, Shidao Road, Baozhen, Chongming District, in the east of Shidao Road and the north of Xiangyang Road



Plum blossom lasts about 2-3 months,

The best viewing season in Chongming District this year is from the middle of February to the end of March.

Hurry up and visit Chongming Plum!

If you miss it, you have to wait for another year!