Another Nursing Home Added to Chongming!

2022-11-01 17:19

A few days ago, it was learned from Chongming District Civil Affairs Bureau that the new project of Chenjia Town Home for the Elderly in Chongming was under construction. After the completion of the project, the elderly care service system in Chongming would be further improved and the high-quality development of the elderly care would be promoted.
It was seen at the construction site that the main body and facade decoration of the three buildings had been completed. The workers were brushing the indoor walls and installing weak current equipment. Other workers were preparing for the outdoor road and greening construction. The construction site was quite busy.

Wang Yidong, executive manager of Shanghai Construction No. 5 (Group) Co., Ltd. the project builder, told that the project of Chenjia Town Home for the Elderly was officially started on June 3, 2021, and it was expected to complete all the construction by the end of November this year.

Chenjia Town Home for the Elderly is located at the intersection of East Yuzheng Road and Anshou Road, with a total construction area of 20,897.35 square meters, a total investment of about 188 million yuan, and planned 420 beds. It is a new elderly care institution integrating elderly care, medical care, entertainment and other functions. It has set up functional areas such as living room, medical care room, public activity room and others. Living rooms include bed rooms and public dining room. The medical care rooms include consulting room, laboratory, rescue room and others, which will provide medical services for the elderly and realize the combination of medical care and nursing. Public activity rooms including reading rooms, chess and card rooms and others create a comfortable, healthy and happy home for the elderly.

With a high degree of aging, Chongming is a famous hometown of longevity. In recent years, Chongming has continued to improve the supply capacity of elderly care services to actively integrate into the national strategy of coping with population aging. It promotes the construction of elderly care institutions, and increases the beds for elderly care. In addition to the Chenjia Town Home for the Elderly, Chongming has successively promoted the construction of new elderly care institutions in Xincun Township, Sanxing Town, Changxing Town, Chengqiao Town and other towns since 2019. After the completion of all the above projects, the total number of the beds for elderly care in the whole district will reach 9,125, which will meet the needs of elderly care service.