Chongming Museum, Chongming Art Museum Open Tomorrow!

2022-07-25 16:00

From July 1, Chongming District Museum and Chongming Art Museum will be reopened, and all indoor and outdoor Class A tourist attractions will be gradually opened. Public libraries, cultural centers (community cultural activity centers) and tourism consulting service centers will be gradually opened according to the actual situation and the relevant requirements of local pandemic prevention and control.


Chongming District Museum


Chongming District Museum, located in Chongming Academy Palace, is a municipal cultural relics protection unit. Built in the second year of Tianqi of Ming Dynasty (1622), it is one of the only three Confucius Temples in Shanghai and also an important cultural tourist attraction and patriotic education place. Being the largest Confucius Temple in the whole Shanghai area currently, it is composed of architectural complexes including palaces, halls, ancestral hallsa dn pavilions, whose architectural art is exquisite. It is a well preserved Ming and Qing architecture in Shanghai. The museum has displayed the "History of Chongming Island" and the "Folk Customs of Chongming" and other documents, which systematically introduces the long history and cultural heritage of Chongming. The venue integrates modern interpretation equipment, with electronic QR codes set at each point. Citizens and tourists can learn more about it by scanning it to upgrade their experience.


Address: No. 696, Aoshan Road, Chengqiao Town, Chongming District

Telephone: 021-69690356

Ticket price: Free

Opening time: 09:00-16:30 (no admission at 16:00), closed every Monday, except holidays

Appointment method: “Wenlu Yimayou” Applet for appointment

Note: The reception volume shall not exceed 50% of the original maximum carrying capacity.



Chongming Art Museum


Chongming Art Museum has a construction area of 4,000 square meters, including about 1,500 square meters of public exhibition area, which includes one large exhibition hall and one small exhibition hall. Taking "Focusing on Contemporary, Taking into Account History, Basing Itself on Shanghai and Facing Future" as its direction and focusing on the exhibition, display, collection and collection of art works and art documents, Chongming Art Museum exhibits excellent art works from surrounding areas, at home and abroad, sharing of elegance and customs. It is the people’s art museum, which people who love art can't miss. Chongming Art Museum holds art exhibitions from time to time. At the exhibition site, you can see that artists use exquisite artistic ideas to retain the moving scenery around them, and hide their visions, memories, beauty and thoughts in the paintings, which is enough to awaken our eyes and hearts.


Address: No. 7897, Chongming Avenue, Chengqiao Town, Chongming District

Tel: 021-59610132

Ticket price: Free

Opening time: 08:30-16:30, closed every Monday

Appointment method: "Chongming Art Museum" WeChat Account for appointment or on-site appointment

Note: The reception volume shall not exceed 50% of the original maximum carrying capacity.



When traveling, citizens should still adhere to the "Three Points" (i.e., wear masks scientifically, maintain social distance, and pay attention to personal hygiene) and "Five Requirements" (wear masks, keep social distance, cover coughs and sneezes, wash hands often, and open windows as much as possible) for pandemic prevention, to do a good job in safety protection, and travel in a civilized and orderly manner.


Firstly, people should reasonable plan before travel. People should learn about the opening, flow restriction and ticket reservation measures of cultural and tourism venues in advance. All tourists and spectators, regardless of their age, must hold the green code of "Suishen Code" and prepare the negative certificate of nucleic acid test within 72 hours (subject to the sampling time). Tourists and spectators without smartphones can apply for the offline "Suishen Code" in advance and prepare their identity documents. For the safety of themself and other tourists and spectators, people only hold the nucleic acid sampling proves within 24 hours are not allowed to enter. In case of cold, fever and other symptoms, it is recommended to cancel the original travel plan and seek medical treatment in time. Tourists and spectators who have a history of traveling or living abroad within 10 days, or a history of traveling or living in the county (city, district, banner) with the medium and high-risk areas of domestic pandemic within 7 days are forbid to enter the cultural and tourism venues.


Secondly, people should strengthen protection during the journey. When entering cultural and tourism venues, tourists and spectators should consciously and regularly wear masks, scan and show codes, accept body temperature testing, and form the good habit of "one meter line". They should adhere to the "Three Points" and firmly remember "Five Requirements" for pandemic prevention. Take enough masks and disinfection supplies with them. When coughing or sneezing, they should pay attention to covering it with elbows or paper towels, and should not spit or litter everywhere.


Thirdly, people should report in time in case of abnormalities. After entering the cultural and tourism venues, if you have symptoms such as fever and general malaise, they should report to the staff in time. In case of receiving a call from departments including disease control to inform abnormal nucleic acid detection and other emergencies, tourists and spectaculars should immediately inform the staff of the cultural and tourism venues at the first time, actively cooperate with the implementation of relevant temporary isolation measures, go through the epidemiological investigation, and patiently wait for the follow-up disposal of departments including disease control.