AAAA-level Scenic Area in Chongming Opens

2022-08-10 16:01

From March 4, 2022 to the scorching July, the 115-day closing of South Sanmin Traditional Culture Village has allowed folk culture to settle here and fashion culture and creativity to ferment here. South Sanmin Traditional Culture Village was officially opened on July 6, taking you to visit the Chongming intangible cultural gathering place for free.


Coming to South Sanmin Traditional Culture Village, a national AAAA-level scenic spot, you can explore the charm of thousand-year Chongming culture and feel the natural beauty of Chongming's original ecology. There are Chongming Handwoven Cloth Museum, China Dragon Palace, Poetic Root Carving Museum, Chongming Carved Board Museum, Base for Learning Classics Research and others. It is a concentrated display place of folk culture and creativity that integrates the creativity of Chinese traditional culture and Jiangnan culture.


When coming to the concentrated exhibition and experience place of Chongming’s culture, you can interact with the inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, review the folk custom experience activities, pay tribute to the Chinese classics with personal experience, and reshape a better life with ecological thinking.