When Will Flower Expo Cultural Park Open?

2021-07-15 16:43

In recent days, although the weather in Chongming continues to be hot, preparations for the opening of the Flower Expo Cultural Park are still in full swing. After a new round of flower conservation, 35 domestic outdoor exhibition parks will be opened to tourists again in a new look in late July.


On the morning of July 14, it is seen in Zhejiang Garden that maintenance workers were watering and pruning the flowers and plants in the garden. Rhododendron, rose, star flower and other newly planted flowers are in bud and fresh and green. The spray in the exhibition garden brings a cool feeling under the scorching sun. Under the continuous high-temperature baking, the maintenance personnel increase the watering frequency to supplement water for flower seedlings in time. Maintenance personnel tell that they begin to water at 6 a.m. every day, because the high temperature in the park after 8 a.m. will damage flowers and plants. And they water for the second time from 4:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Due to the high temperature recently, it must be watered twice a day.


It is reported that after the official closing of the flower expo, all 35 domestic outdoor exhibition parks, except Shanghai Park, will be handed over to Chongming District Greening and City Appearance Administration for later maintenance. At present, among the 34 exhibition parks, 9 key ones including Beijing Park, Hebei Park and Zhejiang Park have completed flower replacement, and the adjustment to flower border plants in the remaining 25 exhibition parks is also in progress.


As the opening of the Flower Expo Cultural Park is in the midsummer, the staffs specially selected flower varieties with the high temperature resistance and the good landscape effect for planting and supplement.


During the high temperature period, the park adjusted the working hours and provided maintenance workers with heatstroke prevention and cooling supplies such as salt water, Huoxiang Zhengqi Liquid and Rendan Mini-pills.