New Progress in Chongming Metro Line

2021-03-11 10:21

Recently, according to Shanghai Tunnel Co., Ltd., they have won the bidding of bids 108 and 111 for the construction of Chongming’s metro line. According to the plan, the first phase of the Chongming line is about 22.4 km long, with 5 underground stations and 1 train base. After completion, it can transfer to line 9 and line 12, and it is very convenient for people to travel. The Chongming metro line can connect the main towns of Chongming Island and the important functional groups of Pudong, and connect to the metro network of the downtown area, which contributes to promoting the common development between Chongming Island and the rapid connection with the downtown area.


The Chongming metro line connects the downtown and Chongming Island. It starts from Jinqiao, Pudong, passes through Changxing Island and ends at Chenjia Town, Chongming. The total length of the line is about 43 km.


According to Shanghai Tunnel Company, the 7.7-km-long large shield section in Nangang Section of bid 108 is planned to be constructed by a 13.5-meter-diameter shield machine, which starts from the south working shaft of Changxing Island, passes through the water of Nangang of the Yangtze River, and then receives at the Pudong working shaft. The tunnel is a single-hole double-track tunnel, that is, the two lines run in a large diameter tunnel. The construction will also face many challenges, such as crossing the Yangtze River embankment and underground obstacles, the ultra-long distance excavation at the river bottom, shallow-soil shield tunneling and the synchronous construction of the single-tunnel and double-line internal structure.


Previously, the construction of Dongtan Station of the Chongming line has been started first. According to the plan, the river-crossing channel of the Chongming line is located on the east side of the existing Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel Bridge, and the direction is the same as that of Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel Bridge on the whole. As a rail transit city line mentioned in the Third Round of Construction Plan of Shanghai Urban Rail Transit (2018-2023), the Chongming line starts from Jinji Road Station, goes along Jinji Road Station, Shenjiang Road Station, Gaobao Road Station and Dongjing Road Station, passes through Nangang of the Yangtze River Estuary to Changxing Island, and then passes through Beigang of the Yangtze River Estuary to Chongming Island, and ends at Yu'an Station along Shengtai Avenue. It is the first time for Shanghai Metro to cross the Yangtze River Estuary twice in the underground form.


Eight stations are planned for the whole line, including Jinji Road Station, Shenjiang Road Station, Gaobao Road Station, Lingkong North Road Station, Changxing Island Station, Chenjiazhen Station, Dongtan Station and Yu'an Station (The last six stations are temporarily named). Among them, the Chongming line transfers to Line 12 at Shenjiang Road Station and to Line 9 at Jinji Road Station, thus connecting to the city's metro network.


After the completion of the Chongming line, it only takes about half an hour from Jinji Road Station to Yu'an Road Station, which builds a convenient channel between the downtown area and Chongming.