2023 Chongming Orange & Crab Tourism Festival Unveiled

2023-11-27 16:07

Oranges and crabs ripen in late autumn, the 2023 Chongming Orange and Crab Tourism Festival and the 3rd Luhua “Shanghai Crab Port” Feast were held at Luhua Town Green Port Scenic Area, a national AAA tourist attraction. Chenlijun, Member of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee and Head of the Publicity Department, Shen Xuefeng, Member of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and Director of the Supervision Commission, and Zhang Zhitong, Deputy District Governor, attended the event.


At the site, the lights were bright and lively. At the opening, the clear water crab “born” in Luhua Town appeared as a cute little cartoon crab. The living environment of crabs here is different. They enjoy the cool under the photovoltaic panel and "surf" in the water cycle. The superior conditions and careful breeding make them a leader in the market. In recent years, Luhua has continuously innovated low-carbon photovoltaic aquaculture models, launched the "fishing and photovoltaic tourism" project, and protected the "Chongming No. 1" crab species. Currently, the area of adult crab aquaculture is about 3,000 mu, accounting for nearly half of the total in Chongming. Meanwhile, focusing on the brand building of "Shanghai Crab Port" has enhanced the influence of the crab industry and promoted the deep integration of primary, secondary, and tertiary industries.


The highlight of this year's crab festival is the "water crab feast". In the outdoor camp of the crab port, citizens and tourists can boat on the water, enjoy the scenery, and taste a cup of orange tea and the crab dish.


In addition to the clear water crab, citrus is also on the business card of Luhua Town. As one of the leading industries of Luhua agriculture, citrus has been planted here for more than 30 years, and there are many high-quality varieties. Luhua Town cooperated with the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts to create a brand-new mascot image for its citrus as a sweet CP of its crab. At the same time, the "Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts Rural Revitalization Student Social Practice Base" was inaugurated.


At the opening ceremony, the Li Shujian Yu Opera Art Museum was unveiled. And Zhao Zhigang's Rice Wine Collection was also launched. This joint brand was under the in-depth cooperation between the well-known Yue Opera master and the local crab brand "Shanghai Crab Port".


On the spot, besides tasting delicious food, tourists can also feel the charm of calligraphy, buy some special products, appreciate music, art, and culture, and join in other wonderful activities for a richer and high-quality cultural tourism experience.