Rice Covered in Golden Armor for Bountiful Harvest

2023-11-21 09:26


Presently, in the Shanghai Beihu Organic Agriculture Demonstration Base, nearly 8,000 mu of late rice are mature for harvest.


In the golden rice field, accompanied by the booming sound of the machine, with the skilled operation of the agricultural machinery operator, the harvester is running at full power and shuttling back and forth between the fields, cutting, threshing, and spitting straw in one go. Rows of drained rice are neatly harvested, and the air is filled with the fragrance of rice. In a moment, a grain truck filled with 5 tons of rice drives to the processing plant. After drying, milling, and other processes, the rice can be put on the market in about three days.


It is learned that the late rice variety currently being harvested is "Nanjing No. 46", which has the advantages of soft and glutinous taste, high yield, and full panicle shape. Therefore, it has been selected as a variety for large-scale cultivation in the base.


Zhu Xiaoping, a staff member who has worked at the base for decades, happily said that this year's rice has grown taller and more densely than ever before, making it the best growing year in recent years. The yield of one mu of land can reach nearly a thousand kilograms.


This year, the total planting area of rice in Chongming is 266,900 mu. Currently, the planting bases are accelerating harvesting, and it is expected that the grain will be all stored in the warehouse by the end of November.