Golden Autumn Persimmon Festival: Perfect Time for Harvesting

2023-11-01 09:51


As the saying goes, "The walls are covered with ripe persimmons; everyone is competing to harvest them in autumn." Now, it's the season when persimmons ripen, and many planting bases in Chongming have a bountiful harvest. The golden persimmons are incredibly enticing, attracting numerous visitors to enjoy the pleasure of picking.


Entering the Ruihua Orchard plantation located in Xinhai Town, around 200 persimmon trees have reached their mature picking period. From afar, the round and full persimmons hide among the green leaves, resembling lanterns hanging on the branches. A sweet aroma fills the air. Visitors carrying baskets wander through the orchard, picking persimmons and savoring the fresh fruit, immersing themselves in the joy of harvesting. The person in charge said that Ruihua Orchard has been cultivating persimmons since 2021 and has now achieved a large-scale harvest. "Currently, the variety produced in the orchard is Xiaofang persimmon, and this year's estimated yield is over 4,000 kilograms."


As representatives of autumn fruits, persimmons can be spotted in the countryside of Chongming during the fall and winter seasons. Each persimmon stands out, adorning the front and back yards of rural homes and fields, becoming a beautiful scene in autumn. "Every year during the fall and winter seasons, taking a bite of sweet persimmons not only satisfies our taste buds but also evokes nostalgic feelings," said many people from Chongming, as they associate this autumn sweetness with their hometown.


It is important to note that while persimmons are delicious, caution should be exercised when consuming them, especially for patients with stomach diseases. Persimmons should only be eaten in moderation to avoid putting excessive burden on the digestive system. Additionally, persimmons should not be consumed on an empty stomach and should preferably not be eaten together with protein-rich seafood products, as they may cause gastrointestinal discomfort and the formation of stones. Moreover, individuals with diabetes should also avoid excessive consumption of persimmons.