Tourism Festival of Narcissus Culture to Open

2023-03-20 13:11

When talking about narcissus, you may first think that it blooms in winter. It is rarely known that narcissi bloom best in the middle and early March, if they are planted in the open air and the outdoor temperature is low.


Last year, 150 mu of narcissi planted in the open air in Beigang Village, Xianghua Town are now in full bloom. In the chilly spring, the white-petal and yellow-core daffodils are quietly blooming, swaying in the wind, and its faint fragrance is intoxicating. In the narcissi field, the workers are busy laying the wooden plank path, while the paved wooden plank path meanders forward, stringing up the scarecrow puppets placed in the narcissi field.


This area is called Narcissus Bay. In early March, the First Tourism Festival of Narcissus Culture will open here. At that time, various online and offline activities will connect the elements of the intangible cultural heritage, such as stove paintings and homespun cloth in Xianghua Town, to explore the tourism potential of the whole region and the new market of the agri-tourism industry, and inject new impetus into the construction of the humanized "Drunken Beauty Flower Town" in Xianghua.