Hengsha Township: TT Rural Public Library Unveiled

2023-03-10 09:33

Not long ago, Hengsha Township TT Rural Public Library was officially opened to the public. This comprehensive library, which integrates reading, public welfare and other functions, makes the fragrance of books permeate the countryside and promotes the revitalization of rural culture.


TT Rural Public Library, located in Xintiandi, Fengle Village, Hengsha Township, covers an area of about 120 square meters. When you enter the library, the library is spacious, bright and tidy. There are various books such as education and politics on the bookshelf. Many villagers and teenagers are charging and studying here. "There are few cultural places in the village. I used to stay at home on weekends. Since the opening of the library, I have often come here to read and study, enriching my spare time life and cultivating the spiritual world", said one student.


It is learnt that the establishment of the library originated from a successful person of Hengsha. In order to give back to his hometown and help the development of his hometown's cultural undertakings, he donated more than 1,000 books. Hengsha Township, according to his wishes, has created a public space full of cultural atmosphere: TT Rural Public Library in the "Fengle Xintiandi" reconstructed from abandoned primary schools and old factories.


Tao Zhengjiang, Deputy Chief of the Party Committee of Hengsha Township, tells that TT is translated into today and tomorrow in Chinese, which means to study hard today and have a better future tomorrow. He hopes that the rural library will enable children to feel the unique charm of books at home, gain knowledge through reading, enlighten and increase wisdom, and better spread their wings in the future. At the same time, we hope to provide a place for people around and tourists to have a spiritual rest, so that the power of culture can infect and inspire people.


As an important carrier of public cultural services, TT Rural Public Library is not only a public space for reading books, but also an open platform for organizing and holding voluntary activities and youth practice. The CYL township committee is responsible for the daily operation and management of the library. The CYL township committee has recruited a team of young volunteers. They go to the library every weekend to carry out the normal public welfare services, such as staff reception and book sorting, organize public welfare activities, integrates resources such as the Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum and Fengle Village History Museum around the "Fengle Xintiandi" Library, and holds research, summer practice and other activities, so as to create a learning, exchange and practice platform for young people.


Hengsha Township, through the establishment of TT Rural Public Library, condenses the impetus of rural cultural development and promotes the revitalization of rural culture. Next, Hengsha Township will continue to dig resources, enrich content and upgrade services, in a bid to build the library into a bright cultural card of Hengsha.