The Elderly Are Full of Happiness!

2023-03-10 09:34

Recently, the List of Elders-friendly Communities of Shanghai in 2022 was released, and Changzheng Community in Xinhai Town was included. In recent years, Changzheng Community has been based on the reality, focused on care service needs of the elderly, and continuously improved the quality of services for the elderly by adhering to the construction of facilities, optimizing the service, guiding the social participation, and exploring the  smart elderly service, thus improving the sense of gain and happiness of the elderly.


At the beginning of the four seasons, everything recovers. When we enter the Changzheng Community in Xinhai Town, there is a thriving scene everywhere. In the old residential quarter of Changzheng Community, the old people walk their dogs on the avenue or bask in the warm sunshine. Since the construction of the beautiful block, more and more residents have new feelings in the old community, which has become a good place for residents to relax.


On the other side, the old people choose favorite activities according to their hobbies in Changzheng Sub-center of Xinhai Town Comprehensive Elders Service Center, such as dancing, reading, and playing chess. Everyone takes what they need and enjoys it.


At present, there are more than 1,600 permanent residents in the Changzheng Community, and more than 700 elderly people at the age of over 60 accounts for nearly 44%. For special elders, such as people who live alone, empty-nest elders, the incapacitated, Changzheng Community has launched personalized services to visit and comfort them regularly.


In November 2019, the surrounding environment of Changzheng Road, Yan'an Road and Gelonggang Road was comprehensively improved and the community took on a new look, thanks to the construction of the Changzheng Beautiful Block Project. In the next stage, Changzheng Community will give full play to the role of the integration of the Yangtze River Delta and strengthen inter-provincial interaction by joining forces with Qidong and Haimen Communities in Jiangsu, so as to expand the life circle of the elderly. It will continue to make efforts in the living environment of the elderly, daily travel, and the elderly service, consolidate the achievements, and build a happy and healthy elders-friendly community.