Chongming: Nearly 150 Mu of Daffodils to Open in Spring

2023-03-02 15:41

On the roadside of Qixi Road, Beigang Village, Xianghua Town, daffodils stretch to embrace the spring. In the daffodil area, the flower buds have come into being.

"Two waters and one field" is the rural revitalization project of Beigang Village, and it is also an organic combination of collective economy and characteristic projects. Relying on the 148 mu self-operated land of the Beigang Village Economic Cooperative and the rotation planting of daffodils in the daffodil base, on the one hand, villagers can expand the planting area of characteristic projects and support local enterprises to develop. On the other hand, people can explore the new market of agricultural tourism industry, build all-area tourism demonstration zone of the narcissus flower sea, and bring new vitality to rural revitalization.

In the trails reserved in the narcissus flower sea, the temporary sightseeing trails are under construction in full swing. After the completion of the project, people can not only view the panorama on the roadside, but also walk to the center of the flower sea. The road is in the scenery, and people are in the flowers.

The best viewing time for narcissus flower sea is in the middle and early March. At that time, nearly 150 mu of Chongming narcissus will bloom in the spring. Tourists are welcomed to have a trip here.


Address: Qixi Road, Beigang Village, Xianghua Town