Chongming to Embrace A Feast of Flowers

2023-02-21 10:17

In Donghai Yingzhou Ecological Island and Dongping National Forest Park, the metasequoia gradually spits out new green after the cold winter, the colorful flowers are spread in the vast metasequoia forest, and the kilometer-long wisteria corridor twists and turns…


On March 23 this year, the 42-day 2023 Dongping National Forest Park Flower and Gardening Exhibition will soon open. With the 50 days countdown to the Flower and Gardening Exhibition officially launched, Chongming, an ecological island in spring, will offer a visual feast of flowers and gardening to citizens and tourists. This is another flower festival activity settled in Dongping National Forest Park after the 10th China Flower Expo of 2021, the Flower Festival and the Safflower Festival.


What are the highlights of this year's flower and gardening exhibition? It is learnt that this flower and gardening exhibition will take "one corridor, two belts, four seas, ten gardens, and twenty-four nodes" as the overall layout of the ecological and cultural landscape, forming a multi-color system of "colorful flower corridor, colorful flower belt, colorful flower sea, colorful garden, colorful flower border, colorful flower collection". In the main exhibition area, the staff were stepping up the construction arrangement and advancing the preparation work in an orderly manner. At the entrance of the park and on both sides of the main road, many flowers and plants have begun to bloom. At present, flowers and plants, including tulips, cherry blossoms, February orchids, wisteria, peony, and phoenix flowers, are also settling down in the park and waiting to bloom.


"By the time of the opening ceremony, all kinds of flowers will be in full bloom, bringing a romantic atmosphere to citizens and tourists", told Lu Meichao, Director of Dongping National Forest Park. He said that the exhibition introduced a variety of new flowers, with more than 600 kinds of flowers and more than 2,050,000 plants, of which more than 80% were special flower balls (seedlings). At that time, guests and friends from all sides can walk into a sea of colorful flowers in Dongping National Forest Park, enjoy the beautiful picture of harmonious coexistence between human and nature, and share the extraordinary achievements of the development of ecological civilization.


In order to let tourists have a better experience, the park has provided several main routes. According to the sequence of the park entrance, main roads, forest windows, water areas, leisure lawns, etc., it designed the sequence for the main exhibition patterns and colors, and created the "welcoming, narrating, guiding and presenting" viewing routes for tourists.


The high participation of citizens is also the highlight of the flower and gardening exhibition. "While wandering in the beautiful flower sea, tourists can experience a flower exploration tour in the forest", said Lu Meichao. During the exploration, more than 10 cultural activities will be held here in succession, and tourists can experience the flower culture feast, including the flower ecological landscape exhibition, the flower photography art exhibition, the flower space activity exhibition, the little flower market, the Han Chinese Clothing Market and other experience activities. Tourists can view flowers and participate in the activities.


The exhibition will last till May 3. With flowers as the medium, the scenery, the industry, and the benefit for the people, the event aims to further promote the deep integration of the flower culture and the eco-tourism industry, and accelerate the construction of Chongming's world-class ecological island,.