Foreign Fishing Ships Bring High-quality Seafood

2023-02-14 15:23

Alaid, the Russian ship loaded with 50 tons of fresh king crabs, docked at Hengsha Fishing Port, Changxing Island, Shanghai a few days ago. This is the third international fishing ship within half a month after the Russian ships Florin and Angel in the early and middle January.


Since the first foreign fishing ship arrived at the fishing port in June 2017, high-quality fresh seafood from all over the world, delivered from the fishing port, has been continuously sent to the general public. However, affected by the pandemic and the international situation, the import trade volume of the whole-ship live king crabs shrank significantly in 2022. After the implementation of the Class B measures for the Covid-19 infection, the catering industry has recovered rapidly, and the demand for imported seafood has further increased. In the first month of 2023, three international fishing vessels with nearly 200 tons of live king crabs entered the country,.


With the support of various inspection units there, Hengsha Fishing Port, as the largest trading and temporary breeding center for imported seafood in Shanghai as well as the only national first-class fishing port and entry port of edible aquatic animals, quickly restored the normal berthing of fishing ships and restarted the import channel of fresh seafood.


According to the Chongming Border Inspection Station, Alaid was supposed to arrive on January 23, but it was delayed by two days due to the influence of strong winds and cold waves. In response to the situation, the Chongming Border Inspection Station strictly implemented the 16 new measures of the National Immigration Administration on promote the development of serving shipping enterprises by strengthening the communication and coordination with the fishing ports, opening a shortcut for the border inspection of fresh seafood, and jointly boarding and inspecting the ships and crew with the port units, so as to guarantee the unloading operation of the ships immediately after docking and ensure that the fresh king crabs can be supplied to the spring festival market timely.