2022 City-level Beautiful Village and Demonstration Villages Released

2023-02-02 10:52

Recently, it is learned that the list of 2022 City-level Beautiful Village and Demonstration Villages of the Shanghai Agricultural and Rural Committee has been released.After application, experts’ review and the municipal-departments’ review, 46 villages in the city have been ranked the 2022 Shanghai Beautiful Villages and Demonstration Villages. Among them, 7 villages in Chongming District are enlisted, including Yongsheng Village in Hengsha Township, Ludong Village in Gangyan Town, Siyao Village in Buzhen Town, Xinmei Village in Xinhe Town, Xinguo Village in Xincun Township, Yuejin Village in Shuxin Town and Changzheng Village in Changxing Town.

According to the Shanghai Municipal Agriculture and Rural Committee, since 2022, governments at all levels have actively promoted the construction of beautiful villages at the city level, focusing on the construction that beauty lies in ecology, wealth lies in industry and roots lies in culture, and formed a number of beautiful villages with beautiful ecological environment, prominent industrial characteristics and profound cultural connotation.Over the years, in the context of the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy and whole-regional tourism, the construction of beautiful villages in Chongming has also achieved remarkable results.Nowadays, if you walk into Chongming’s villages, you will feel that they are big natural parks. The scenery is in the villages, and the villages are in the scenery. Among them, Yuanyi Village in Gangyan Town, Beishuang Village in Gangxi Town, Yongle Village in Miaozhen Town and others have won the honors of China's beautiful leisure village and city-level rural revitalization demonstration village. Yingdong Village in Chenjia Town, Xianqiao Village in Shuxin Town and other unique and beautiful villages were rated as A-level scenic spots.