Protecting Clear River in Hengsha through Co-governance and Sharing

2023-01-26 15:31

In recent years, the river and lake ecology in Hengsha Township has been improved continuously, with the water environment quality steadily improved. These achievements can not be gained without the positive actions of administrative river heads at all levels and the efforts of folk river heads. At present, folk river heads and Party-member river heads have become a living force in the water environment governance of Hengsha, and they have played an important role in achieving water governance by all the people and co-governance and sharing. 


When we come to the river head system workstation in Xinyong Village, Hengsha Township, we can see the contrast of the photos before and after the river renovation. Xinyong Village is located in the middle of Hengsha Island. There are 96 river courses in the village area, with a total length of 27.3 kilometers. It is one of the villages with the most river courses in Hengsha Township. In addition to the administrative river heads, the village invites the county sages, retired Party members, production team heads, and enthusiastic villagers to serve as the folk river heads. Each river head takes charge of one river for the water control and the river protection.


Aunt Shi, a villager, is a folk river head. She tells that the river she is responsible for is behind her house. She is also very interested in the river at ordinary times. Neighbors cooperate with her to manage and protect the river.


At present, Xinyong Village has 3 village-level river heads, 20 folk river heads, 30 veteran Party member volunteers... 66 members of the river head system workstation co-guard nearly 100 rivers in the village. When the folk river heads find that there are any problems in the river under their jurisdiction, they should report to the superior authority for treatment as soon as possible. This kind of supervision and management with the participation of the people has become a powerful supplement to the shortcoming of village-level river heads' inspection, and it has built a seamless network of river inspection.


In addition, the Xinyong Village River Head System Workstation takes advantage of the regional Party building resources to sink the resources of the co-construction units into the grid. On the one hand, it carried out river renovation activities with the Hengsha Haitang Office to build a model river. On the other hand, it cooperated with the Party branch of the Hengsha Police Station to explore the river head + police chief co-governance model, effectively cracking down on illegal and criminal activities such as electric fishing that damage the water environment and resources.


In the process of promoting the work, the Xinyong Village River Head System Workstation has gradually formed a strong joint force characterized by the Party-building’s guidance, Party-members’ demonstration, and the mass participation. At present, all villages in Hengsha are actively promoting the work of the folk river head system, thus transforming the masses into the main force, making up for the shortcomings in the performance of the grass-roots river heads’ long-term patrol, and opening up the last mile of the water management and protection.