Island-rim Cycling Road Classic Unveiled

2023-01-13 17:19

The 5th Shanghai (Chongming) Leisure Sports Conference – Chongming-island-rim Cycling Road Classic was lately unveiled in Chenjia Town Cycling Park, Chongming District, attracting 98 cyclists from Shanghai. They have pursued speed and passion in the beautiful Chongming Island and experienced the perfect combination of sports and leisure tourism.

At 08:30, the elite cycling road race officially started. The riders started from the cycling park, went to Dongtan Avenue, Chongwang Road, Lanhai Road and Chongyuan Road, and finally returned to the cycling park, with an length of 5.5 kilometers. All riders made every effort. After a fierce competition in the morning, all the winners in each group were announced. Shanghai Lunyu Team 2 won the first prize in the men's elite group, Chen Kang won the champion in the men's elite group, and Chi Zhaoyuan won the championship in the women's elite group.

At t the same day, the 5th Shanghai (Chongming) Leisure Sports Conference was also concluded. Chongming Leisure Sports Conference has been held for 5 times, and it has become one of the brand events of the Shanghai Urban Amateur League.

The successful holding of the leisure sports conference fully demonstrated the diversified integrations of competition and leisure. By holding quality events and events around the masses, the urban brand will be benefited, and the masses will be satisfied.