2022 Int’l Dragon and Lion Dance Online Competition Unveiled

2023-01-09 17:18

In order to inherit the Chinese culture of dragon and lion dance, carry forward the spirit of the dragon and lion dance, and provide a display and exchange platform for the fans of dragon and lion dance, the International Dragon and Lion Dance Online Competition has recently kicked off in Chongming.

With the sound of gongs and drums, the dragon dancers showed the spirit of the dragon thoroughly through the movements such as 8-shaped character dragon dance, dragon flying and rolling. The colorful ribbon dragons, waved by the team members, are nimble and graceful, just like flying in the sky. The lion dancers cooperated with each other, and the lion's body moved nimbly. The cheers, applause and music were interwoven.

It is reported that the competition is conducted in the form of online competition and offline review, with two groups, namely, elite group and open group. The competition items include dragon dance, northern lion dance and southern lion dance. The competition attracted over 50 teams from more than 20 countries and regions, including China, Canada, Mexico and Australia, and 32 international referees.

Lu Dajie, the lifelong honorary president of the Shanghai Dragon and Lion Sports Association, told that Chongming's dragon and lion dance has a long history, and more than 10 military and civilian dragon and lion dance competitions has been held so far. Chongming promoted its tourism to the world by building the exchange platform of international dragon and lion dance, which plays an active role in the promotion and development of the traditional cultural item in the world.

Chongming took advantage of the competition to continuously perfect the functional layout of sports, enlarge the high-quality resources, forge the characteristic brand and propel the vigorous development of national fitness, so as to build Chongming into the paradise of outdoor leisure sports.