Chongming Bird Watching Festival Unveiled

2022-12-29 17:17

At present, Dongtan, Chongming is in the season of birds migrating and overwintering. The 1st Binhai Community Bird-watching Life Festival was opened in the Community Nature Center of Fuwei Village, Zhongxing Town a few days ago. With the theme of the community’s participation and the protection hand in hand", the activity attracted bird lovers from all over the world.

During the bird-watching competition, a total of 77 bird-watching enthusiasts from 26 teams participated in the competition. Setting up professional telescopes, they were immersed in the world of birds, and shared the rare species they observed with their peers.

Due to ecological restoration, the number of migratory birds in the Dongtan Birds Nature Reserve has increased significantly. There are 122 species of birds in the reserve, including cranes, herons, geese and ducks. Among them, the curly pelicans have been rated as the supreme bird species in the bird-watching contest by the judges.

After watching birds in Dongtan, you can go to the life market in the Fuwei Village Nature Center. Many exhibition organizations brought over 30 kinds of exhibits, including Chongming’s homespun, animal-shaped model and other cultural and creative products. Besides, Jin Weiguo, the inheritor of making bird whistles, showed the production process of bird whistle for children and imitated the voice of migratory birds with bird whistle.

The festival enables rural revitalization with ecological advantages, combines cultural tourism industry with Chongming's own advantages in geographical resources, so that people can enjoy local food and scenery while watching birds. The development of rural cultural tourism industry is also driven.