Releasing Fishery Resources and Improving Water Purification

2022-05-16 12:59

Recently, Chongming has held a proliferation and release activity of fishery resources in natural waters. About 13,000 kilograms of crucian carp, silver carp and bighead carp (about 0.16 million fishes) were put into the water area around Chongming Island.


The released fry came from Dongping Forest Ecological Protection Center of Chongming district. The parents of silver carp and bighead carp were introduced from Yangzhou National Aquatic Original Seed Farm, and the parents of crucian carp were taken from the waters of Mingzhu Lake. All released species, quantity, specifications, time and location have been demonstrated and approved by Shanghai Aquatic Original and Improved Species Examination and Approval Committee. Before the release, the law enforcement brigade of Chongming District Agricultural and Rural Committee and Chongming District Aquatic Technology Promotion Station strictly checked the release of fish species and germplasm identification, and did a good job in disease quarantine and drug residue inspection to ensure the release effect and ecological safety of the waters.


It is reported that the silver carp, bighead carp and crucian carp released this time can filter and feed on a large quantity of algae, plankton and organic debris, so as to purify and improve water quality. From February 16 to May 16 every year, the inland waters of Shanghai are closed to fishing for three months. The releasing activity is conducive to the full recuperation of fish species and improves the survival rate in the wild.


It is learnt that it has been 30 years since Chongming started to hold the activity of the proliferation and release of fishery resources in natural waters. More than 5 million seedlings of various aquatic organisms have been released.