Vigorously Developing Modern New Agriculture

2022-04-20 16:35

In Chongming modern agricultural park, penaeus vannameis swam in indoor ponds. Different from the traditional "shrimp ponds", these above-ground aquaculture ponds are equipped with heating equipment at the bottom, with the water temperature being controlled at about 30 degrees Celsius, which is the HEMA (Chongming) 1,000-ton South American penaeus vannameis Industrialized farm project. The reporter learned that as the first project of group to enter the field of Chongming modern new agriculture, the project will launch the first batch of fresh aquatic products in April this year. After the large-scale and standardized production base of Penaeus vannameis is fully put into operation, the annual output can reach 1,000 tons, with the annual sales reaching RMB80 million.


The construction of the project is the epitome of Chongming's vigorous development of modern new agriculture. In recent years, more and more agricultural projects in Chongming have begun to use scientific and technological means to create a new engine for modern agricultural development. A number of international leading high-tech agricultural projects, such as Youyou Sino Dutch Modern Agricultural Innovation Park and Shanghai Chongming Smart Ecological Flower Park, were completed and put into operation in Chongming. By introducing semi closed greenhouse technology, Youyou Sino Dutch Modern Agricultural Innovation Park realized the annual output of 13,000 tons of organic vegetables and 46 million seedlings through adopting whole-process intelligent control. The project of Shanghai Chongming Smart Ecological Flower Park applies the world's advanced production facilities and equipment, realizing an annual production and sales of 200 million flower seedlings and more than 10 million pots of high-quality potted flowers. With the empowerment of high technology, the quality and output of agricultural products have increased dramatically, and the brand effect has been highlighted.


Chongming's modern agriculture is in the ascendant. The Second Party Congress of the Chongming District clearly regarded "developing modern new agriculture" as the priority of Chongming's "Five New" ecological industry, and put forward higher requirements in the new stage.


Facing the future, Chongming will deeply grasp its positioning as an important agricultural product supply base in Shanghai, and continue to promote the construction of high-standard farmland and the improvement of vegetable production capacity on the premise of ensuring the stable supply of high-quality agricultural products, so as to improve the comprehensive agricultural production capacity. Besides, by focusing on digital agriculture, high-quality agriculture and brand agriculture, Chongming will introduce more major modern agricultural projects, to accelerate the formation of three industrial development clusters in the East, West and Hengsha and optimize the construction of the whole agricultural industry chain, so as to strive to achieve the goal of prospering the district with high value-added ecological agriculture.


Chongming will also promote the change from "science and technology" to "science and innovation" in agriculture. By building a number of high-standard seed source bases to promote the tackling of key core technologies of seed sources and accelerate the development of seed source agriculture, Chongming will comprehensively build the core competitiveness of the agricultural science and technology innovation, and strive to build a world-class agricultural science and innovation island.