Welcome to Chongming in Spring

2022-04-07 20:13

In recent days, the temperature has risen, and the winter chill has slowly subsided. A few days ago, Jiuju Home Stay carried out a parent-child family outing in the warm spring.


More than 30 parent-child families participated in the activity. The project includes off-road balance vehicle, seasonal vegetable picking, lawn camping, campfire party and others. Many citizens said: "Chongming abounds with fresh air and large sports venues, which is very suitable for parent-child activities."


"At present, many enterprises and companies in Shanghai are very keen on holding group construction and parent-child activities in Chongming, which not only facilitates the economic benefits of home stay in Chongming, but also plays a warm-up effect for the upcoming Shanghai Flower Festival", an head of home stay told.


By participating in the activities, children not only gain the happiness of parent-child activities, but also feel the fragrance of soil by walking into the countryside and nature.