Plenty of Sweet Pea Flowers Launched on Market, Flower Upstarts Popular in Market

2022-03-25 10:32

Driven by the spillover effect of the flower fair, Chongming's flower industry continued to develop. During this period, a flower called fragrant pea in Lankuaikei Production Base in Miaozhen Town began to reveal its fragrance and officially joined the flower family of Chongming’s offshore flower island.


In the planting base of Lankuaikei, the reporter saw this flower with the same name as the food. When you enter the flower house, the aroma is fairly pungent. Just as its name, "fragrance" is its biggest feature. The shape of it is also very slender and soft, swaying in the breeze, just like a group of elves in flower skirts dancing with the wind.


The head told that all kinds of sweet peas have their own different aroma, some rich, some elegant, and some sweet. When placed indoors, they are natural air fresheners. Due to its unique flower type and slender and soft branches, sweet pea can be used as flower cutting materials in winter and spring to make flower baskets and wreaths, and can also be potted for indoor display and appreciation. In spring and summer, it can also be transplanted outdoors to be used as vertical greening materials or ground cover plants.


Sweet pea is native to Italy and is currently planted all over China. These sweet peas in the base were introduced from the Netherlands. Compared with local varieties, these flowers have stronger adaptability to the environment. At present, the base has cultivated more than 80 varieties of sweet peas. In the future, it will further cultivate more distinctive new varieties through hybridization and other methods, and strengthen the research on provenance.


It is learnt that this year, the base has further improved the post-harvest preservation technology of sweet peas. The cut flowers, which could only be preserved for two or three days, can now be retained in the bottle for about 10 days, making this strand of tenderness and fragrance stay longer. Therefore, this year, the sweet pea flowers of the base have just begun to be officially sold to the outside world, with its sales scope reaching places including Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Chengdu.