Zero-distance Interaction with Sika Deer in Chongming

2022-03-11 14:59

Would you like to have the fun of feeding deer? Today, there is a place called "Luleyuan" in Dongping National Forest Park, where tourists can interact with sika deer intimately.


Recently, the reporter came to Luleyuan and saw sika deer being kept within a wooden fence, strolling and frolicking leisurely. Many tourists were buying feed biscuit for deer, and others were feeding and taking photos with deer. The sika deer rushed to the fence and craned their necks for delicious food, which seemed lovely.


"These deer are domesticated from young deer, and then put into Luleyuan after growing up. The deer have a gentle temper and are more suitable for contact with humans." An official of the third-party property company operating Luleyuan told that these deer have been raised by professional reindeer people from Northeast China. Under their professional feeding, sika deer grow healthily, and baby deer are born every year.


It is learned that the sika deer in Luleyuan was selected from the sika deer in the park a few years ago. Twenty years ago, Dongping National Forest Park managed to introduce 90 male and female sika deer from Northeast China. These deer are scattered in the forest. Chongming's fresh air, clean water and rich plant resources provide them with a good living environment. With its mellow fir forest base and good ecological environment, Dongping National Forest Park has become the southern exhibition area of the 10th China Flower Expo. In order to better undertake the important display function of the Flower Expo, it launched the transformation and quality improvement project in 2020, and all facilities have taken on a new look, including the children's paradise where Luleyuan is located.


"In the past, tourists could see sika deer from a distance in the forest, but they could only take a chance.


We hope that not only the hardware facilities in the park are upgraded, but also the tourists’ experience projects will have some new ideas. Therefore, we have added such a deer feeding point, which has indeed attracted many tourists and increased the passenger flow of the park." An official of the park said that people can not only see deer, but also touch and feed them. In order to prevent deer from eating too much, feed biscuit is supplied in limited amount every day.